Company Profile

Gesca was founded in 1974 

One of the first three (3) private companies to start the medical equipment & disposable business in EGYPT after capitalization. 

Our focus on quality and customer satisfaction, and always looking for the best quality standards which is set by our highly experienced staff to ensure that only best quality products reach the market with competitive prices. Yes… we have huge professional staff with innovative and creative spirits, teamwork and collaboration, looking for the best quality, giving the best support you can have… 

GESCA develops a long-term relationship with its clients through consistent quality service and positive client support. As, we provide the best installation, training & service you can have… 

We have more than 100 full time employees, including a huge sales department all doctors and engineers, a huge maintenance & service department, accounting, consultants, directors, secretaries, warehouse keepers, human resources, legal and administration.

We work on exclusive distributorship bases due to our long term strategies and investment to achieve best sales and total customer satisfaction. 

As We Are the Sole Agents Of:

Company Country
Richard Wolf  Germany
SpaceLabs  USA
NIPRO  Japan
Medtronic -Newport  USA
eVent Medical  USA
Bexen Cardio  Spain
Lojer  Finland
Surgiris  France
MMM Group  Germany
Medisa  Spain
Medical Master  Taiwan
SmithsMedical  UK
Aerogen  Ireland
Sino Hero  China
Pacific Medico  Japan
Galemed  Taiwan


















We achieved huge sales figures for the above mentioned companies exceeded expectations and have the most installation base in the market 

We have great relations with all customers in private or government throughout the years with highly reputable experience and installation base in every hospital or medical center in the country. 

We are considered to be the leader in the medical equipment business and the leader in turnkey business in EGYPT & AFRICA. We managed to deliver more than 17 hospitals Turnkey with highest quality standards and very short time factor. In an unimaginable performance to be considered as unique in worldwide standards. 

With our highly experienced service department, we managed to fulfill highest sales, generated from after sales service satisfaction, please visit our service section. 

We have the most professional salesteam in the field with huge experience and target oriented strategies. 

We are one of the first distributor companies in all fields in EGYPT to have the ISO 9002 & ISO 9001:2000 award for our distribution, performance, organization and maintenance, all our business are conducted based on ISO 9001:2000 standards and regulations. That is why we are considered to be also one of the most structured and well organized companies in EGYPT. 

We hope that we have informed you briefly about ourselves and we hope to have the pleasure to deal with you

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